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Lesy CHKO Litovelské Pomoraví

The microregion of Litovelsko is a very attractive touristic region giving the chance to its visitors to see a wide range of historical monuments, interesting natural facts, touristic and cycling tracks leading through a beautiful nature and also cultural and social life events.



The natural and cultural environment is definitely convincing for a time spent actively during the holidays. A number of beautiful, often protected natural regions invite the visitors to relaxing tours by foot or by bicycle. The rich cultural inheritance as well as contemporary social life urge its visitors to see significant historical monuments and assist to cultural events. The field’s diversity is as friendly to families with children and seniors as to groups of young active children.

Mikroregion LitovelskoMikroregion Litovelsko, nám. Přemysla Otakara 778, 784 01 Litovel,
tel.: +420 585 153 134, e-mail:mikroregion@mestolitovel.cz
ID datové schránky: 45nvcji

Turistické informační centrumTuristické informační centrum náměstí Přemysla Otakara 762 Litovel, 784 01
Tel.: +420 585 150 221, +420 721 269 146, e-mail:tic@litovel.eu, www.tic.litovel.eu
MMR ČRProjekt spolufinancován Ministerstvem pro místní rozvoj ČR.