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Busta T. G. Masaryka v Loučce

A small village at the edge of the Bouzovská vrchovina /highlands/, 360 m above sea level. Loučka is interesting for having preserved features of original rural architecture.

Loučka is situated at the very beginning of the Bouzovská vrchovina /highlands/. It is hidden behind the hill Rampach, 360 m above sea level. Its location is characteristic for being on the edge of the fertile Hanácká rovina /plain/ and highlands of the rising hills. It is at the friendly place of the Litovelský region – the village is outside all the main transport ways, however it is not far from anywhere.

In the village we can find a Chapel of St. John the Baptists from 1838, which replaced the original old bell tower. It is a rectangle shaped building with two windows and saddle roof with a small turret. In front of the Chapel there is a stone cross with a corpus of the Crucified Jesus dating back to the 2nd half of the 19th century. At Loučka there also is a Calvary and close to the school there is a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes made in 1918. And we must not omit the local curiosity – the Memorial of T.G. Masaryk already built in 1919 – i.e. the first in the world! The author is Josef Hemzal of Konice. The Memorial was put into parts and hidden in a well during the Fascist occupation, in May 1945 it was returned to the original place.

Loučka is interesting for its features of original rural architecture that is a sort of calling for help next to the houses built in a weird modern style. However the enchanting character of the village has been preserved. The core of the village quite a broad square, around which there are different buildings, mainly former farmhouses. Some of them face the square by their gables, but most of them are built in line with the square like traditional villages in Haná. The western part of the village cadastr consists of the woods. The river Loučka runs through the village and south of the village there is a spring of the river Cholinka.

The village is famous for its Respitory Centre that is called Mosty v Lukách /Bridges in Luká/.


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