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Hanácké muzeum v Cholině

Found in 1131, it lies on the edge of the Hanácká rovina /plain/

At the very edge of the Hanácká rovina /plain/, at the foothills of Rampach there is Cholina, the village eminent for its sights, (it was found in 1131, it is 242 m above sea level). In 2003 it was awarded a price in a competition “The Village of the Year” for preservation of cultural monuments and folklore.

A sort of a dominating feature of the village is the monumental Church of the Assumption of the Virgin situated on the northwestern slope. The Church is accessible by a paved road lined by lime trees, which is typical for villages in Haná. Next to the Church there is a presbytery that looks very wealthy – it is a one-storey building, between whose windows there is a buttress with a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký dating back to 1746, the presbytery dates back to 1733.

Cholina is really rich in sights, at the end of the presbytery’s garden we can find another one – an ancient barn, a building with pillars covered by a saddle roof – the outbuilding dating back to the 19th century. The building is covered by a saddle roof, it dates back to the 19th century. The front of the presbytery and fencing wall of the Church are connected by the presbytery wall, which is a part of the presbytery and which dates back to the 18th century. In front of the presbytery on the pedestal with a metal railing there is a statue of St. Barbora from 1715. In the village close to the football stadium there is a brick Calvary with a reconciliatory cross. By the field-path from Cholina to Loučka there is a devotional pillar built in 1693, close to it in a beautiful forest corner we can find a spring called the Holy Water.

In Cholina we can find Hanácké národopisné muzeum /Ethnographic Museum of Haná/ with a wide collection of subjects that used to be used for a common village life.


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Hanácké muzeum v Cholině
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