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Chateau at Nove Zamky

The Classicist Chateau is a two-storey building with wings, front park decorated by the buttress with a head carried by six massive Corinthian columns. Already in the 16th century the Černohorští lords of Boskovice, the owners of the Úsovské manor, were holders of the hunting folly. Since the 18th century Nové Zámky have been famous for its horse breeding. From 1945 to 1953 it belonged to the forest administration, however then the army took over and used it as warehouses and from 1962 there was the 5th tank base Litovel. Later on Nové Zámky was taken over by ONV /District National Committee/ Olomouc and in 1964 there was built a social care institute. Since 01/01/2003 the building has been the property of the Olomouc region and outbuildings opposite the chateau are used by the military unit.

Behind the Chateau there is a large park established in the open landscape on a slightly steep land facing south. At the top of it there is the Chateau that is dominating the area. The structure of the park is also affected by this. the author of the project was B. Petri, based on whose design also the park in Lednice was made.

Close to the village Řimice on the left bank of the river Morava, in an enchanting area that is so typical for Litovelského Pomoraví, we can find the folly Templ. It is seven and half meter high building with a round vault carried by Ionian columns. From there (particularly in spring after snows have melted) there is a wonderful view of the Řimický stav (a weir on the river Morava). A nice tale is related to Templ (also called the Temple of Friendship): Prince Charles who lived with his mother at Nové Zámky in order to recover after some illnesses wandered along these fabulous places in spring. At the weir he got bewitched by water nymphs that were trying to seduce him by their songs and dance and their queen started to like him particularly. However her bedroom was far away downstream the river where she invited the Prince and he nearly fell. Then all of a sudden the wood nymph appeared there and she rescued him from the queen and thus from getting drowned. The Prince fainted and his mother found him at the weir. When he came round he was completely healthy and he told the strange story. In honour of his recovery the Temple of Friendship was built here.

Not far from the Templ when wandering along moist meadows of Pomoraví towards Olomouc, on the island formed by two branches of the river Morava, we find the eighteen meter high obelisk Komín /chimney/. It stands on a low stone base decorated by balls on the corners. It was built in 1808 according to the project of the Viennese-Lednice architect Hardmuth as a part of the landscape area around the chateau

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