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Chateau at Chudobín

The chateau and surrounding area are situated on a former citadel, which was there already in the 13th century. The history is closely linked with the village and estate. Famous and well-educated families such as the Zoubeks of Zdětín (1481-1590), the Hájovský (1590-1604), the Bokůvek of Bokůvka (1604-1622), Polish nobleman and writer Vavřinec Jan the knight Rudawski (1661-1671) and the gentry of Witten and Andlern used to live here. These families changed the original citadel into a chateau, which was also reconstructed for several times.

In the beginning of the 19th century the Terchs, originally a burgess family, bought both the estate and chateau. Antonín Tersch initiated the reconstruction into the current design in the middle of the 19th century. Based on some elements the author of the reconstruction might have been Anton Arche, the architect that designed for example Podzámecká and Květná garden at Kroměříž – monuments protected by UNESCO. Then the vegetable and fruit garden was transformed into an English park with small decorative constructions. In the thirties of the 20th century a small pavilion in the corner of the park was rebuilt into a family crypt.

During the 70s of the 20th century they established a hotel here. nowadays the chateau is not used and the premises are closed down.


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Chudobín park
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