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Mladec Caves

Ten kilometres from Hanácké Benátky /Venice/ not far from the protected nature landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví, where Haná gets embraced by the hills of the Bouzovská vrchovina /highlands/, we find the Mladečské caves. Their complex labyrinth of fissure passages and domes is inside the hill Třesín (whose name is derived from the sentence “třes se!“ /”shiver!”/). The caves are a real paradise for cave explorers as well as archaeologists.

We can get to the caves when we follow the red sign from Javoříčko or Litovel, or we can ride along the cycling path No. 6033 from Nové Zámky to Náměšť na Hané. The local rarity is a nostalgic railway from Litovel, whose at least 50 tickets must be booked and paid in advance.

The Mladečské caves were discovered in 1926 and they cover 1.2 hectares. They consists of Devonian limestone. The complexity of passages in a total length of fifteen kilometres, whose only small part is available to the public, will surprise you. In the Dome of the Death there were discovered relics of the settlement of Cro-Magnon man – stone instruments, fireplace – a part of the discovery is exhibited. There also were found bones of already extinct Pleistocene vertebrates. The Cave U Robinsona /Robinson’s Cave/ used for treatment of asthmatic children is well known. This part of the cave is not available to the public.

The underground areas are sometimes flamboyant with stalactites and stalagmites and sinters. The most beautiful parts are the so-called Temple of Nature and Virgin Cave. The Caves are open to the public from April to October and the entrance is free for children up to the age of six, for cave explorers as well as workers of the Nature Protection Agency. The Mladečské caves are a national nature monument

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