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Javoricko Caves

We find the caves above the village with the identical name. Riding towards to them we can use the cycling path No. 6036, which goes along a beautiful valley of the river Javoříčka or we can walk along the red signs from Konice along the gloomy valley.

The caves were discovered in 1938 by the local forester Vilém Švec and his workmates. They consist of several kilometres long system of giant domes, passages and abysses. They were formed on the island of the Devonian limestone and the creek Špraněk affected their forming. A significant part was discovered during the climb that took several hours in the lower level already in 1938, other parts were gradually discovered mainly in the fifties. At present over 3.5 km of passages are known, out of which 788 m are available to the public. The caves are rich in stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and colours – we can find interesting huge stalagmites, eccentric stalactites, quills or two-meter “curtain”. The rich interior is extraordinary in two huge rooms – the debris Dome and Dome of Titans. Besides the most common types of stalactites and stalagmites that at some places are of remarkable parameters, the caves are also rich in helictites, i.e. stalactites that grow against the gravitational law. The lower level that is not available to the public consists of a complex labyrinth of passages connected by abysses even 60 m deep. This level has not been explored yet. Close to the Javoříčské caves we can admire a giant rocky gate called the Fossil Chateau. To get at least a bit ready to visit the caves we should mention three types of stalactites and stalagmites, which are often confused by the visitors. It is a stalagmite – one growing from the bottom of the cave upwards, roof-to-roof column – the column formed by stalagmite and stalactite growing together, and a stalactite – one growing from the ceiling of the cave downwards. The caves are extremely priceless due their natural phenomena that deserve attention and care of the state protection of nature and landscape, and therefore the state has proclaimed a special territorial protection of all the available caves, whereas both the underground and surface are protected.


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