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Zámek /Chateau/ Náměšť na Hané

It is characteristic for its sophisticated imitations of French chateaux enhanced by the influence of Moravian Baroque. It has a typical layout, i.e. four wings around the courtyard. It is surrounded by a round park covering the total area of 2.5 hectares. In the centre of the park there is the Chateau with four roads leading to all cardinal points. The roads are lined by lime trees. Besides others the Chateau’s pride is an extensive collection of ceremonial carriages that belonged to bishops and archbishops of Olomouc.

In the park we can find majestic trees, to name just some copper beech or nowadays very popular ginco biloba. The last significant changes in the park were done under the supervision of the garden architect Křemen in 1925. This property belongs to the most important ones in Moravia. Besides interesting trees there is a colonnade, cast-iron pavilion and swimming pool.

In 1726 the Náměšť estate was bought by the Harrach’s that belonged to significant families in the Habsburg Empire. Then they used the so-called “Lower Chateau” as their seat. After the 7-year war ended (exactly on 01/03/1766) Ferdinand Bonaventura started building a new chateau close to the ruins of the medieval castle. This new summer seat is built in the early Clacissist style and the inspiration from French chateaux is obvious. At the same time the round park around the Chateau was founded. From the Chateau there are roads leading to all cardinal points. The roads are lined by lime trees. On the periphery of the back half-circle there were built 17 houses for weavers – plots run in radiants into the space. Such a settlement is very unusual and it is unique in our country. The new chateau is also known as the “Upper Chateau” and the old one is called the “Lower Chateau”.

In 1778 the daughter of the Count of Harrach Marie Róza, who was married to the Count Kinský, inherited the Chateau. The Kinský’s as well as the Harrach’s was one of the most influential families in the empire. The husband of Marie Róza, Josef the Count Kinský, even after his father had deceased became a count and head of a big family in 1792. Never before nor after that Náměšť was owned by a person with the princely title. The successor, the second son, František Josef Kinský, was just a count. Therefore the princedom was inherited by the first son – Ferdinand Kinský. In 1916 the last Kinský of Náměšť – the Count Evžen /Eugene/ II sold the country estate to the iron-wholesaler František Ottahal of Olomouc for 2,300,000 Austrian crowns. The Count Evžen /Eugene/ II died childless in Vienna in 1939 and thus the whole Náměšť stem of Kinský counts died out. František Ottáhal, who had an exclusive representation at Vítkovice steelworks for the sales of the goods in whole Moravia, tried to show the growth of his property by purchasing of the country estate and Upper Chateau. The couple Ottáhals had had the Chateau modernised – they had had installed the grid, water supply and central heating. Then also the park was modified – it was walled in, the following constructions were built: colonnade, fish pond and swimming pool. In 1943 František Ottáhal died and his huge property was divided between his wife and children. One half of the Chateau and the country estate pertaining to it was owned by his wife Anna, 1/4 was owned by his son Otto and 1/4 by his daughter Helena. On 17 June 1945 the property was confiscated from the family under Beneš Decrees and the family was proclaimed to be Germans. It was one of the first confiscations in CSR.

The Chateau is open from April to October, Saturday mornings are reserved for wedding ceremonies.


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