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Bouzov Castle

The first written mention of the Bouzov Castle (where probably Jiří of Poděbrady was born), which is standing above the village and above the junction of the river Třebůvka and the stream Špránek, dates back to 1317, when the Castle was established by Búzov of Búzov (that was the name of our village in the Old Czech language). Originally it was a gothic castle of the bergfrith type, that expanded in the second half of the 14th and in the 15th century. In 1558 the castle bunt out, at the beginning of the 17th and first half of the 18th century it was reconstructed. The radical reconstruction took place in 1895–1909 – the character of the castle was influenced by the architect George J. von Hauberrisser. The character turned into historical and romantic style.

The castle layout is oval, it is protected by the wall and there also are four uncovered bastions in the shape of the horseshoe that open into the bailey. The south, east and west of the courtyard is surrounded by wings designated for living, the west is ended by the wall. On the courtyard you can admire neo-Renaissance fountain that covers the well in the rock having a total depth of 52 m. We can admire the enchanting scenery from a 58-m high keep of the castle.

The bailey consists of two buildings and Chapel of the Virgin Mary. The bridges leading to the castle are made from quarry-stone and hewn sandstone blocks.

The character of the castle is perfected by a fabulous and quite large park. The character of the castle is affected by an enchanting and quite large park. It is a landscaping structure that was established in the 19th - 20the century during the reconstruction of the castle. At the back part of the park there is the so-called knight till-yard. The access road is lined by lime-tree alley. One of the historical monuments is a statue of Jan Nepomucký that is located on the left from the bridge and that dates back to 1714. On the way from the village to the castle on the hill there is a very interesting Church of St. Gothard. One can admire it despite the fact it is in the shadow of the majestic castle. It is a one-body building with a chapel on the side, in whose entry there is a relief of the Virgin Mary. The church was built in the second quarter of the 16th century. The non-rendered closure with a transversal brickwork head.


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