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Burgess houses

Burgess houses in the town are evidence of the rich history. On the northern side of the square of Přemysl Otakar II there is a “Lang’s house” with a beautiful renaissance portal and Barocco facade. There used to be a pharmacy and popular cafe, nowadays the house is not used.

Opposite to it there is a house “U dobrého pastýře” (Good Shepherd) with a pharmacy. There is an early Gothic pillar in the basement.

The house possessing the right of beer brewing called “U zlatého jelena” (Golden Stag), where there is a seat of Městský klub (Town Club). From the end of the 19th century it used to be a center of the German cultural and social life. In the basement we can see that the house to be half-timbered.

In the Street 1. Máje (1st may) there is a big and beautiful house called “Šustrák” that used to possess the right of beer brewing. In the same street a bit farther from the square there is a not reconstructed house with an original priceless Barocco facade. In both houses on the groundfloor there are commercial areas and flats on the first floor.

A former wealth of the drapers gild can be seen on the Renaissance house close to the Church of At. Marek. Later on it was used as a hospital for elderly clerks of the Liechtein estate. In the 90s of the 20th century after the reconstruction the town established a library with a high quality interior here. In the entrance hall there is plaque with a list of houses possessing the right tof beer brewing that was secondarily embedded as well as a memorial plaque in honor of the revolt of the group of major Petráš.

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