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Senice na Hane

Svatá voda u Cakova

North-west of Olomouc, behind the western edge of the Hormomoravský úval /Upper Moravian Ravine/. Other two villages are integrated with it – Odrlice and Cakov.

Senice na Hané is situated on the fertile plain and it is one of the most typical villages of Haná. We find it when go north-west of Olomouc or west of the main road Olomouc-Litovel. From geomorphologic point of view we describe the area as the western border of the Hornomoravský úval /Upper Moravian Ravine/ where the flood plain of the river Morava and Blata turns into the slightly hilly Prostějovská pahorkatina /upland/ and further on into the Konická and Bouzovská vrchovina /highlands/. Westwards of Senice na Hané the first hills of the Drahanská vrchovina /highlands/ rise up. The highest point of the cadastr is the hill Bořík that is 340 m above sea level. Other two villages are integrated with the municipality – Odrlice and Cakov.

We can visit the Church of Mary Magdalene that was originally built before 1333 in the Gothic style but after fire it was reconstructed in the Baroque style. In front of the Church entrance there is a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký dating back to the 1st half of the 18th century. In Zákostelí there is a statue of St. Jilja in hermit’s garment with a doe lying at the saint’s left leg. The statue dates back to 1824.

In Senice we can admire several small ecclesiastical buildings and crosses – in the northern part of the village there is a Baroque Chapel of St. Joseph, whose layout is in the shape of a cross. The Chapel was built in the 18th century. In the centre of the village there is a statue Ecce Homo from the first half of the 18th century. It is a Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head and bound hands. Not far from Senice na Hané we can also find an old reconciliatory cross (15th to 17th century) standing in front of a statue of St. Thomas by the road leading to Hliníky. By the road to Vojnice south-east of the village there is a devotional pillar with a relief of St. Isidor.

Every year on the day of St. Mary Magdalene in Senice na Hané there is a feast and another tradition that is being renewed at present is “clapping” of local boys at Easter. “Clappers” are recruited from the local pupils. They start their activity on Holy Thursday. Their task is to walk with clappers (their name in Czech depends on the region) the whole village. According to the tradition clapping replaces the missing bells that flew to Rome. The last clapping can be heard on Holy Saturday when the little “workers” get hamper at every house – money, egg or sweets.

Jos. Vodičky 243
Senice na Hané, 783 45

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Starosta:Ing. Michal Tichý
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