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Brewery Litovel

When we say Litovel most people recall the brewery and high quality beer. It is given by a traditional technology using top quality domestic raw materials and at last but not least the enthusiasm and skills of all brewery employees. The right of beer brewing and inn keeping was granted to Litovel by king Václav II in 1291. This right was granted to special houses. The townsfolk built joined breweries in 1747 and 1814.

The establishment of the farmers’ brewery that would use modern technologies was initiated by the farmer and deputy from a near-by village of Seničky, Josef Svozil. The construction proved the financial power and determination of rich farmers from neighboring villages. First beer was sold in 1894 and very soon its quality beat the competition. The brewery development was slowed down by the nationalization in the middle of the 20th century.

The brewery together with the sugar mill and farmers’ loan office supported the Czech element in Litovel and helped Czechs win in the municipal election in 1899.

Even nowadays the brewery brews beer in a traditional way, therefore its beer has unique and highly recognized character. It is mainly given by “brewing of several degrees’, cold fermentation and long ripening. Beer is not tinted, diluted or saturated. They do not brew any “Euro beer” here and the local proud brewers call it bad names that cannot be published.

Recently the brewery has modernized its technologies. They try to maintain tradition and therefore the equipment is mainly of the Czech origin. Also the brewery has again started to support the sports and cultural life in Litovel and the region.

The brewery organizes excursions into the production combined with a beer tasting.

Mikroregion LitovelskoMikroregion Litovelsko, nám. Přemysla Otakara 778, 784 01 Litovel,
tel.: +420 585 153 134, e-mail:mikroregion@mestolitovel.cz
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Turistické informační centrumTuristické informační centrum náměstí Přemysla Otakara 762 Litovel, 784 01
Tel.: +420 585 150 221, +420 721 269 146, e-mail:tic@litovel.eu, www.tic.litovel.eu
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