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Kaplička a památník

A small village situated in the woods in the protected nature landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví, 7 km south-east of Litovel, 225 m above sea level. The history of the village dates back to 1390.

In the basin of Haná about 7 km south-east of Litovel, 225 m above sea level there is Střeň. It was founded in 1249, which is documented in the deed of Wenceslas I. The first preserved record about Střeň was made in 1390. Later on like many other neighbouring villages it became a property of the Olomouc chapter. Crafts have a long tradition here.

In the cadastr of Střeň only one archaeological discovery was found – but it is very important – a bronze axe from the barrow culture from the 6th century BC. Quite a newer sight is a chapel from 1718 that underwent a significant reconstruction and in 1992 was dedicated by the archiepiscopal chancellor.

In 1938 the mayor of the village built a Calvary in Zadní Díly (a field close to Střeň) as a replacement for the one that was destroyed two years before during the land consolidation. In 1867 in the centre of the village they built a cross with a Jesus painted on the metal sheet that was an acknowledgement for the fact that during the Prussian-Austrian war cholera that broke out missed the village. Another cross dates back to 1898 – it was built on the occasion of the mission in the parish church at Náklo.

As the river is close and it is necessary to cross it Střeň also has a couple of bridges with interesting names that come from Haná dialect: “Hrobé most” /deadly bridge/ (between Střeň and Lhota), Bláznivské most /crazy bridge/ (today it nearly does not exist, there are only ruins on the forest road from Střeň to Březová), O bílech slópku /white column/ (a bridge over the dam drain on the border of the field and forest in the direction of Štěpánov). Already in the 18th century peasants of Haná started making counter-flood barriers on the border of flood-plain forests and farms. Therefore the barriers are called peasant.


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Památník a kaple ve Střeni
Kaple sv. Jiří ve Střeni
Dřevěný kříž ve Střeni
Pomník obětem světových válek ve Střeni
Pomník obětem světových válek ve Střeni
Znak obce Střeň
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