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Kostel sv. Jiří v Nákle

The village was founded in 1078 on the Hanácká rovina /plain/, 230 m above sea level. There are many historical monuments here. The municipalities Mezice and Lhota na Moravě are associated to Náklo.

Originally the village had a German name - Nakel, Old Slavonic Naklye – Nákli – Náklo, which means the marshland with a young willow. Náklo lies on Hanácká rovina /plain/, 230 m above sea level. It was founded already in 1078 and at present it has 232 houses. Two municipalities are associated to the village: Mezice and Lhota na Moravě.

In Náklo there are several historical monuments. We can start at the Church of St. Jiří /George/ that is situated at the centre of the village on the former cemetery. The view of the majestic church is fabulous. It is even enhanced by the gate built from corals overreaching the statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes dating back to 1899. In front of the entrance of the church there is a cross dating back to 1745; behind the church there is a charnel house belonging to small sacral buildings. The former cemetery is surrounded by a historic wall. The presbytery of Náklo was built between 1707 and 1713. It is situated on the village square and in the past it was used as a prelate folly. At the northern end of the square there is a statue of St. Florián from 1768. Another cultural monument of the village is a barn by the road leading to Lhota na Moravě – it is an outbuilding built in the 1st half of the 19th century. Besides really old monuments in Náklo there also is a grave and memorial of Jan Opletal. They are on the cemetery in the west part of the village.

Náklo is a typical village at Haná, where they kept the tradition of “Haná’s year”, which actually is not a tradition but symbiosis of people and natural cycles and people’s understanding of the land based on many year experience. Haná’s year starts on a New Year’s Day – then traditionally new stable boys started work and also servant girls left the farm-house. Also the pig-slaughtering season started then. In winter the main work task was cleaning of feathers, spinning, tying of binders, man mainly worked with wood. In spring they started sowing barley, clover and lanterns.

The area of Haná was also known for the production of home-made special local cheese “tvarůžky”. At the beginning of spring the dancing ball season was at its peak. From Shrovetide (Sunday six weeks before Easter) through haymaking and harvest the circle of spring work turned into summer work in meadows, fields and woods. In autumn they stubbled and an integral part of autumn work was the so-called boiling of plums, which actually was making of plum-jam. Then they used to dig out potatoes and gather sugar beet and before the Christmas they slaughtered the first pig...


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Kostel sv. Jiří v Nákle
Kostel sv. Jiří v Nákle
Kostel sv. Jiří
Kostel sv. Jiří
Kostel sv. Jiří
Hrob Jana Opletala v Nákle
Hrob Jana Opletala v Nákle
Pamětní deska na rodném domě J. Opletala ve Lhotě
Rodný dům Jana Opletala ve Lhově na Moravě
Sokolovna v Nákle
Sokolovna v Nákle
Památník obětem světových válek v Nákle
Památník padlým ve světových válkách ve Lhotě nad Moravou
Památník obětem světových válek v Mezicích
Hanácké právo
Kaplička Panny Marie v Mezicích
Zvonička ve Lhotě nad Moravou
Náves v Mezicích
Park u školy v Nákle
Koncert v zahradě nákelské fary
SDH Mezice
Pískovna u Nákla
Pískovna u Nákla
Znak obce Náklo
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