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The center of the north-western part of Haná is the town of Litovel – Hanácké Benátky /Venice in Haná/. It is situated on the inner delta of the river Morava, whose six branches flow through the town. The historical part of the town is lined by former city walls; there is a regular street network with a central square. The whole town was surrounded by a bastion and from the 1st third of the 14th century by ramparts, whose remains have been preserved. A part of the defense system were also the branches of Morava, one of which flows bellow the square, and ponds.

Peaceful periods of Litovel’s history left many sights. The Church of St. Filip and Jakub in the Old Town, Church of St. Marek, Chapel of St. Jiří, St. John’s Bridge (the oldest stone bridge in Moravia and the 3rd oldest one in the country), many burgess-houses in the Renaissance and Barocco style.

The real grace of the town is a town hall with a tower. Bellow the town hall a branch of the river Morava called Nečíz flows. The tower is the highest tower in Moravia. On the square of Přemysl Otakar II there also is a plague column by Václav Render who also made the statuary of the Wholly Trinity in Olomouc (UNESCO sight), and access to Nečíz that has been flowing through the square since the 19th century.

The Litovel’s more recent sight is the neo-Renaissance gymnasium (grammar school), whose reflection one can see on the water level of the pond. There also is a Sokol house and hydro-electrical power station in the functionalist style.

The industrial development of the town was driven by rich farmers of Haná from neighboring villages in the second half of the 19th century. In this way in Litovel there were built plants such as sugar mill, brewery, malt house, and distillery and further also machine plant and plants processing agricultural products. Thanks to the farmers also the railway to Litovel was contracted. Most of the plants have been operated till nowadays – Pivovar Litovel, a.s., /Brewery Litovel/ makes excellent beer. Litovelská cukrovarna, a.s. /Litovel sugar mill/ is producing sugar again, Papcel, a.s., makes machines for sugar mills, SEV Litovel, spol. s r.o., continues making record-players, Kimberly-Clark a.s. continues in the paper production tradition. Also there were built many new factories such as e.g. spol. s r.o. Hajdo that designs machinery and produces cardans.

In the associated villages Adriana, a.s. produces pasta; Orrero a.s. makes cheese and Alibona processes fruits and vegetables. The fields are farmed and the biggest cooperative is Zemědělské Družstvo Unčovice. Between the villages Víska and Nasobůrky a new industrial zone is being built.

In Litovel there also are many new shops, restaurants and small enterprises that together with the bigger ones help develop the town. Litovel is located in the middle of the protected nature landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví. Its task is to protect unique natural systems that have been made by the river bellow and above Litovel. The town is crossed by educational routes showing the history of Litovel, its sights as well as natural systems in close proximity. Litovel associates 11 municipalities that used to be independent in the past. They are Březové, Chořelice, Chudobín, Myslechovice, Nasobůrky, Nová Ves, Rozvadovice, Savín, Tři Dvory, Unčovice and Víska. Many of them have rich history and are worth paying attention to. The estate and municipality Chudobín – that is a municipality of three churches – significantly influenced the life of whole Moravia. There is a beautiful chateau and three different parishes. In Unčovice there is a Renaissance citadel and many agricultural sights; in Březové there is one of the first power stations. In Myslechovice, which is a birthplace of Jana Čep, in Chořelice and Rozvadovica and Nasobůrky we can find a typical architecture of Haná. In Víska there is a big mill; in Tři Dvory there is an enchanting chapel. Nová Ves is known for its flooded mine, which is a popular place for swimming. The small village of Savín is a peaceful oasis. The country surrounding these villages is full of small sacral buildings, which make the landscape look like in Barocco.

Around Litovel there are other interesting places – landscape full of romantic buildings at Nové Zámky (masterpieces of Josefa Hardtmuth and Bernhard Petri), stalactical caves in Mladeč and Javoříčko; castle and chateau at Bouzov and Náměšť Hané.

Total population including integrated villages as to 01/01/ 2006: 10092 Total permanent population of the town including Chořelice: 7526 Altitude 223m


nám. Přem. Otakara 778
Litovel, 784 01

Phone:+420 585 153 111
GSM:+420 602 705 216
E-mail:sekretariat@mestol…sekretariat@mestolitovel.cz Copy email address
Web:www.litovel.eu…http://www.litovel.eu Copy link address
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Socha Gustava Frištenského
Komůrka ve věži
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Altánek v parku
Gymnázium Jana Opletala
Kamenné kříže u Vísky
Kamenné kříže u Vísky
Kamenný kříž ve Třech Dvorech
Kaple sv. Jiří a kostel sv. Marka v Litovli
Kaple sv. Jiří v Litovli
Kaple sv. Mikuláše v Myslechovicích
Kaple v Unčovivích
Kaplička Neposkvrněného početí panny Marie v Nasobůrkách
Kaplička sv. Josefa v Savíně
Kostel  sv. Františka Serafínského v Chudobíně
Kostel Husův sbor
Kostel sv. Filipa a Jakuba v Litovli
Kostel sv. Marka v Litovli
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Litovelská radnice
Litovelské hradby
Městská knihovna Litovel
Městská knihovna v Litovli
Městský klub Litovel
Morový sloup -  sv. Karel Boromejský
Morový sloup - sv. František Xaverský
Morový sloup - sv. Pavlínka a Rosalie
Morový sloup - sv. Roch
Morový sloup - sv. Sebastian
Morový sloup na nám. Přem. Otakara
Muzeum Litovel
Muzeum Litovel
Náměstí Přemysla Otakara
Náměstí Přemysla Otakara
Památník padlým v Nové Vsi
Památník padlým ve světových válkách ve Třech Dvorech
Památník v Savíně
Pamětní deska padlým v sokolovně v Unčovicích
Pamětní deska padlým ve světových válkách v Litovli
Pivovar Litovel
Pivovar Litovel
Plavba pod náměstím Přemysla Otakara
Podkova štěstí u paty sochy Gustava Frištenského
Pohled z radniční věže
Pokojík hlásného ve věži
Pravoslavný chrám sv. Cyrila a Metoděje v Chudobíně
Přírodní koupací biotop v Litovli
Přírodní koupací biotop v Litovli
Přírodní koupací biotop v Litovli
Půjčovna kol
Řeka Morava
Sbor sv. Cyrila a Metoděje Československé církve hustické v Chudobíně
Schody do Nečízu na nám. Přem. Otakara
Sluneční hodiny na věži radnice
Sluneční hodiny na ZŠ Vítězná ul.
Sluneční hodiny v Unčovicích
Smírčí kříž v Litovli
Smírčí kříž ve Třech Dvorech
Socha sv. Jana Nepomuckého na mostě v Litovli
Soukromé muzeum harmonik
Soukromé muzeum harmonik
Svatá voda u Litovle
Svatojánský most v Litovli
Šerhovní ulička v Litovli
Švédská deska
Tornádo v Litovli
Tornádo v Litovli 9. 6. 2004
Tvrz v Unčovicích
Vila Gustava Frištenského v Litovli
Výhled z radniční věže
Zámek v Chudobíně
Zatopený lom v Nové Vsi
Znak na tvrzi v Unčovicích
Znak města Litovel
Gymnázium Jana Opletala
Socha T. G. Masaryka
Gymnázium Jana Opletala
Sv. Jan na kamenném mostě
Svatojánský most
Svatojánský most
Mikroregion LitovelskoMikroregion Litovelsko, nám. Přemysla Otakara 778, 784 01 Litovel,
tel.: +420 585 153 134, e-mail:mikroregion@mestolitovel.cz
ID datové schránky: 45nvcji

Turistické informační centrumTuristické informační centrum náměstí Přemysla Otakara 762 Litovel, 784 01
Tel.: +420 585 150 221, +420 721 269 146, e-mail:tic@litovel.eu, www.tic.litovel.eu
MMR ČRProjekt spolufinancován Ministerstvem pro místní rozvoj ČR.