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Namest na Hane

Zámek Náměšť na Hané

The little town is situated on the Drahanská vysočina /highlands/, 247 m above sea level. The town is attractive due to its history, culture and architecture and it is well-known for example for its traditional folk festival “Zahrada” /”the Garden”/.

Náměšť na Hané is an attractive little town in an enchanting landscape where the Haná plain changes into ups and downs of the first hills of the Drahanská vysočina /highlands/. Náměšť is 247 m above sea level and we can find 441 houses here. The town is attractive due to its history, culture and architecture and it is well-known for example for its traditional folk festival “Zahrada” /”the Garden”/.

The pride of the town is a chateau that is characteristic for its sophisticated imitation of French chateaux enhanced by the influence of Moravian Baroque. The chateaue is surrounded by a round park with many majestic trees. It is famous for its collection of ceremonial carriages that belonged to bishops and archbishops of Olomouc.

At the beginning of the 19th century a dominating point of Náměšť was opened when close to the Upper Chateau and Chapel of the Wholly Trinity there was built a wind-mill. A less known however a very attractive sight of Náměšť is the ruin of an old castle on the hillock above the river Šumice – they are ruins of a medieval guard castle that in 1317 is mentioned as a citadel damaged during the Hussite wars. While getting to know the sights of Náměšť we should not omit a walk in a beautiful park of the Terezské údolí /valley/.

The area was already densely inhabited in the primeval ages and from nearly every primeval age (Old, Middle and New Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age) there have been found relics of the settlement of primeval people. The most important primeval locality is not directly in the village but on the hill Rmíz dominating the Terezské (Laškovské) údolí /valley/. It is a Neolithic upland settlement of people of the culture of funnel goblets. It also is one of the most significant upland settlements of the New Stone Age in Central Europe. Another remarkable primeval locality, which is unfortunately built up to a certain extent, is the track Valník, which has captured traces of the first Slavs from the beginning of the 6th century.

Nowadays Náměšť is a very attractive little town due to its history, culture and architecture. All year long there are held several events for both children and adults, sportsmen and lovers of music, aesthetes, connoisseurs of nature and anybody curious. The best known event is the annual folk festival “Zahrada” /”the Garden”/.


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