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Kaple sv. Isidora

The village is on the branch from the road between Senice and Unčovice. Established in 1342 its name reminds of the ancient inhabitants, the Dubčans.

Out of the traffic of main roads and railway that runs through Haná, there is an enchanting village of Dubčany. It is not easy to find but we can manage if we turn off the road between Senice and Unčovice. The name of the village reminds of the ancient inhabitants, the Dubčans. They used to inhabit oakwoods (and places with oak bushes or trees). However nowadays there are no oakwoods left and the village is nearly solely surrounded by fields, which are here and there decorated by game refuges.

At the first sight we notice that the bizarre shape of the village. Unlike the typical “street-like” shape of a common village at Haná this one is round. This layout of houses is of the old Slavonic origin and historians speak about the old Slavonic “circle”. The entrance to the buildings organised in circle is still called the gate. Still in the 19th century at Dubčany estates had typical ledges (in Czech the so-called “žudry“), which is a brick arcade at the front of the house. Whereas in other villages (e.g. at Příkazy) this decorative and purposeful element was preserved, here it was damaged by insensitive innovators in the 20th century.

If we approach the village by the main road before we get into the village we get preoccupied by the bell tower – not really an old-fashioned one and not beautiful at all but certainly a unique one, standing opposite the fire house and even nowadays it can be used in the case of fire. On the village green surrounded by houses there is a church. Some of the monuments are as follows: the column of the Virgin Mary Immaculate, Chapel of St. Isidor built in 1869 and statue of St. Jan Nepomucký.

Dubčany 24
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Kaple sv. Isidora
Kaple sv. Isidora
Kaple sv. Isidora
Kaple sv. Isidora v Dubčanech
Stará pohlednice Dubčan
Stará pohlednice Dubčan
Pomník padlým ve světových válkých v Dubčanech
Panna Maria Lourdská
Znak obce Dubčany
Panna Maria Immaculata
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