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Kaple sv. Cyrila a Metoděje

An old Slavonic village, 430 m above sea level, 200 inhabitants. It is on the right side behind the crossroad Litovel-Konice-Bouzov.

If we set off Loučka and walk through beautiful but wild landscape that is quite high above sea level through the woody hill we get to the hill above Slavětín (430 above sea level, 200 inhabitants), which is situated on the right side behind the crossroad Litovel-Konice-Bouzov. It nearly looks like a mountain village settled in a shape of the star. Slavětín is an old Slavonic village, whose half cadastr is covered by Bouzov woods.

Slavětín attractive for visitors not only due to its cultural or historic importance but rather for its indisputable charm that links cleanliness and simplicity of this unforgettable village that looks like a sort of a mountain village.

In Slavětín we can find a Baroque Chapel of St. Cyril and Methodius dating back to 1887. The Mathon's family had had this Chapel built. It is called an “upper” chapel and there also is a domy chapel – the so called “lower” one, which is a historic monument from the 18th century. There also are several crosses as well as the Memorial of the Victims of World War I.


Slavětín 11
Slavětín, 783 24

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Kaple sv. Cyrila a Metoděje ve Slavětíně
Kaple sv. Cyrila a Metoděje
Kamenný kříž ve Slavětíně
Pohled na Slavětín
Pomník obětem světových válek ve Slavětíně
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