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A small village about 8 km from Litovel. Mětotín, whose first written record dates back to 1365, has 92 houses and 289 inhabitants at present..

Měrotín is situated on the hills of the Drahanská vrchovina /highlands/ 327 m above sea level about 8 km west of Litovel. 1 km south of the village there is the forested hill Šumina (418 m above sea level), the northern horizon is lined by the edge of the hill Třesín (344 m above sea level) that is about 2 km away, where there are the famous the Mladečské caves. On the west there is the Drahanská vysočina /highlands/ (more accurately Bouzovská or Ludmírovská), on the east there is a view of the Haná region, the horizon from the north to the east there the massif of Jeseníky, afar we can see the Oderské and Hostýnské vrchy /mountains/.

Nowadays the village has 92 houses and 289 inhabitants, there are few private farmers and small craftsmen, and there is groceries and pub. The name of the village used to be Myrotyn. The first written record dates back to 1365. The oldest municipal seal of Měrotín depicts a round seal field with a patron of the Church of St. Martin on a horse cutting off a part of his coat and giving it to a beggar that kneels in front of him.

The village is split into two parts by a third category road leading from Savín to Mladeč and further to Litovel. If we go towards the east we take the road lined by maples. From the first hill downward we go towards the centre of the village and we pass by an enchanting chapel on the right. A small sacral architecture dates back to 1843, which is engraved on the main portal quoin. Then the road goes steeply towards the east end of the village. We cannot overlook a “little stadium” (built not far from the former cowshed), which is full of ice-skating children in winter. The intention of TJ Sokol /sports club Hawk/ is to build an asphalt playing area so that it can be used for skateboarding in summer etc.

On the other – western – side of the village that used to be called the “administrative area” there is a health care centre, gym as well as cultural hall, pub, shop, presbytery, municipal office (there used to be a school about twenty years ago), church and cemetery. The Roman Catholic presbytery is very attractive as it was built in 1772 in the Baroque style. It is entered in the register of real Estate Cultural Monuments of CR. But the most interesting is the Church of St. Martin Tourský not far from the presbytery.

Recently new intentions have been successful in Měrotín – the old school building was transformed into the municipal house where there is a library with Internet available to the public, a playground for pre-school and school children was built, the local road was reconstructed etc. The volunteer Sokol association and fire brigade are active here. The locals successfully organise sport, cultural and social events such as sleigh race, feast, dancing ball, masquerade for children etc.

In the surroundings high quality limestone used to be mined in the past. The mining was concentrated in the quarry Skalka – Měrotín belonging to the company VÁPENKA VITOUL s.r.o. established already in 1913. Limestone is processed by crushing and grinding, the fineness depends on the purpose of utilisation. Originally the company used to burn lime in two circular kilns – therefore it used to be called the “circle”. Both the limekiln and quarry are situated northeast not far from the village.


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Kostel sv. Martina
Kostel sv. Martina
Kostel sv. Martina v Měrotíně
Kostel sv. Martina v Měrotíně
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