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Jeskyně Javoříčko

13-km southwest of Litovel the village is situated close to the Javoříčské caves. There are 6 villages associated to Luká: Březina, Javoříčko, Ješov, Luká, Střemeníčko and Veselíčko.

The village Luká is located in a picturesque scenery in between round hills of the Drahanská vrchovina /highlands/, fields, pastures and woods, 13 km south-west of Litovel, close to Javoříčské caves. The first historic records of the village date back to 1349. The river Špraněk and Javoříčka run through the village. It consists of 6 associated municipalities: Březina, Javoříčko, Ješov, Luká, Střemeníčko and Veselíčko. The village Luká has 147 houses and 815 inhabitants.

The Church of St. John the Baptist surrounded by the cemetery where nobody is buried anymore dominates the village. At the gate of the contemporary cemetery there is a memorial plaque dedicated to the soldiers killed in action. In the village there is a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký and in the neighbourhood there are several crosses – a sandstone one with Baroque decorations on the road from Ješov, an iron one with a sandstone pedestal on the road from Hvozd and a granite one by the road to Slavětín.

The surroundings of the village are attractive due to the Javoříčské caves, which we can find in the protected landscape area Špraněk. Watercourses have shaped one of our most beautiful stalactical caves, close to which there also is the abyss Zátvořice and other attractive formations upstream the creek Špraněk. Probably the most interesting of them is the Fossil Chateau – a giant rock romantically shaped by surface waters. Besides Javoříčské caves also the stalactite Mladečské caves are worth visiting.


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